How Has Blogging Changed You?

Looking back on my blogging experience, from way back in 2001 when  first started reading blogs to starting my own blog (not this one) in 2002, it has given me a lot more than I bargained for. I did not think that I would be blogging as much as I have or that I would still be blogging to this day. Starting a blog from scratch, building it, growing it, and maintaining it is hard work and it has been a labour of love.

Blogging can help you build friendships and grow your community and help you in building relationships with people and have a genuine thirst for personal connection. I never would have expected that sitting behind a computer blogging could offer me that. I have made a few friends from blogging who are now Facebook, Instagram and really good friends of mine. Along with all the networking you can do through a blog, you also have the ability to connect to all kinds of people that you may have otherwise never met. You’ll be surprised by the people who stumble upon your blog and reach out to you.

Blogging was about connecting finding someone interesting and reading about them, becoming invested in them and their life. It is so much more personable than Facebook or Instagram. My blog is me on an HTML format and I mostly bare myself and my emotions on it. Like minded people can always see that and connect with me if what I write about speaks to them and especially if they happen to have had similar experiences Some of my best blogging friends were made that way.

Chances are, you’re passionate about whatever you are choosing to blog about.Blogging may also lead you to other passions as well. I also want to always explore opportunities for me to express my creativity. Blogging is such a great avenue for this! And it can lead to monetary benefits – of which I am eternally happy & grateful. But even if I didn’t make any money from all of this, I would still be blogging on a daily basis. Sitting at my laptop with a fresh cup of coffee next to me is a great way to spend a day.


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