How Has Travel Affected You?

How Has Travel Affected You?

I don’t like to travel mostly because I hate packing and I hate having to travel in a bus or a train. I would prefer the bus instead of the train but if it is a long distance travel then I would rather not go at all. But the last couple of office trips I took were very nice. I had gone to Chennai for a week in 2015 and to Gurgaon in 2016 for 2 weeks.

Firstly, I took airplane flights for my departure and arrival, courtesy the company who booked and paid for my tickets. Secondly I had never been to either city and rather enjoyed my stay there. My stay in Chennai was not a great place but it was alright – I got a room for myself in an apartment, with a tv (very old one) and cable and free wifi. In Gurgaon it was a mini-hotel so I got a big room with free wifi and a nice flat screen tv.

I went to see some bars and a few malls and had a nice time. I also realized that I could actually live in these cities if I wanted to and I got a job there. Ofcourse they are a lot more expensive than my hometown but I could live in either place. Especially in Gurgaon as it is the hub of Indian microbreweries and there are tons of pretty women all around.

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  1. Would it be very expensive? I had done a quick napkin calculation and saw that white rent jumps by upto 50% and home expenses by 30% the salary jumps by atleast 150%

    Also, there is this thing about location that makes things possible from a career perspective. While work might be the same.. Exposure and growth is so much better when u have a similar crowd.

    From a travel perspective… It changes me a lot just watching how people are in other places and how they interact. :)

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