How I Define Romance

My ideas of romance have changed a little bit as I grow older. From the first time that I got interested in girls and sex, I was 12. Ofcourse nothing too serious but I did have my celebrity crushes. As I went through my teens my idea of romance was typical teenage stuff that you see in Hindi movies or American sitcoms of the 80s & 90s. As a couple of relationships, heartbreaks and overall change in my life happened my outlook also changed. I no longer have some of the same ideas about love & romance.

Romance to me is more about commitment, friendship, companionship & the feeling that you are never alone. I truly believe that you should be best friend with your spouse as those relationships have a better chance of lasting forever. After the initial novelty of a relationship fades off and the excitement of the newness dies away, what you are left with is the friendship. So when that happens life takes over; do you want to spend the rest of your days with this woman, waking up to her eveyday, sleeping beside her at night, having most of your meals together, deciding if you wanna go out or stay in, wondering what movies to watch, how to pay off all the bills, adjust with each other’s family members etc etc.

I want a woman who can be my best friend, who knows me inside out and still wants to be with me forever, who knows what I like and tries to get it for me and similarly I should know her inside out and anticipate her wishes and needs. When you say a lot without words. When on a rainy night you know that there is that warm body just waiting for you to hold & to be held. The lazy sleep in Sunday mornings, the reading newspapers together, the deciding whether to get a dog or a cat together, buying stuff – no matter how small – that the other needs even before either spouse knows that they need it.

I could do on and on but I think you get the picture. I want a quite, comfortable and peaceful life with a loving woman who wants to be with me and me alone. That’s all I ask for. Someday….

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