How I Feel About Swear Words

I’m a person who swears a lot. Well maybe not a lot. I don’t sound like an Italian Mafia guy from New York if you know what I mean! But I use the occasional ‘shit’, plenty of ‘asshole’ usage, lots of ‘fuck’ and the usual ‘sonofabitch’. In no way do I use it as exclamations or punctuations and I try to avoid using it around women but the odd one usually slips out.

I find that it relieves stress, tension and pent up frustration. Dealing with stupid impossible clients – give a discourse on how they spend their sex life! Cross functional battles – choose words that best describe how their parents created them! Anything just to get some anger out.

I remember when I was 13-16 and swear words were considered to be such a big taboo. I used it cause I thought it was cool and I was a bit of a rebel. I used so many swear words in front of my sister that I think she developed an immunity to them. I loved to read novels and then mimic the swear words in similar situations in my life. I would wait for a really antagonistic, know-it-all, self-serving idiot to piss me of before I lifted my middle finger in a defiant salute at him and yelled ‘Mother fucker’. Ofcourse it is usually pronounced ‘Mutha fuckaaah’!

In my native tongue of Malayalam, even though I can’t read & write, I know enough swear words to make the locals proud. I can enunciate them like the best of them and spit out the words with enough vitriol to make you understand the meaning….even if you didn’t know a word of the language. Yes I consider myself the Ernest Hemingway of swearing, although I control using it as much as I can. I am so pro using bad words.

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6 thoughts on “How I Feel About Swear Words

  1. You are preaching to the converted here, Roshan. I do swear a bit. I am from Glasgow in Scotland originally which they say is the swearing capital of the world, so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking it. Couldn’t be anything at all do with me being a foul-mouthed muthaf**king beyotch.

    People who make a song and dance about bad language really get on my goat. An appropriately placed profanity says so much more than any other word could. I keep things relatively clean on my blog and at work and I am always careful with people whom I know will be offended by swearing, but otherwise I let rip.

    I am glad you can make the locals proud. Keep up the good work!

  2. “I have a tendency to cuss like a truck driver” ??? I would love to hear that. I do believe that I can find poetry in cussing.

  3. I know very few curse words but I use them like everyone else, it’s good way to vent

    came by your blog by Selma in the city, will definitely add you to my blogroll

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