How I Was Almost Paired Off….Kinda!

Sometimes I am reminded just how much my team likes me and care for my happiness. They know that I am close to them and that I like for them to be happy and they wish the same for me. So they do some crazy stuff. Like registering my name in a couple of matrimonial websites. Calling up a contact who works in one of them and telling him to send them the details of best looking girls! I have my own mini-pimp team! Lol!

Well I broke the news to them that I didn’t believe in arranged marriages and wasn’t all interested in going through that route even though I am almost 34 (in less than 3 months people) and am still single with no hope in sight. So they are going by an alternative route. Checking their friends circles to see if they can find a compatible girl / woman who has similar interests as mine. And what would that be like? A Scifi loving, atheist lesbian into hard rock & blues? Your guess is as good as mine. Which brings me to the next incident.

A colleague, who I have never met but spoken to on the phone asked me for my cell number via an email as she had lost it. So I sent it  to her.  She then sent another mail asking for my photo!!! Err why? Well she wanted to put together a ppt of all the people in the same profile across 7 states and do a profile of each. She then called me and asked me to send her my pic. I said ok. Standing right behind me two girls from my team, waiting to ask me something. I didn’t see them. They heard me talking over the phone, saw me smiling, read the couple of lines on the screen in front of me and put 2 an 2 together…..and got 22!

A few minutes later, I sent the colleague in question my pic and asked her for hers in return. She said that she would send one. I went to get coffee – my entire team is giggling and smiling at me. I asked “what’s up” and realized what had happened. “Who is she, what’s her age, what does she look like?” and many other questions followed while I stood like a deer in the headlights. They wanted to see her pic so I said that I would show it to them when I received it. I almost blushed.

A day later she sent me a pic. She was ok. Apprehensively I showed it to my team and they were fixing my wedding plans. This was crazy. Now I really started blushing. They are absolutely nuts and I had to calm things down and tell them that this was the first time I had had casual conversations with this woman. We were getting to know each other as friends and sent a few messages to each other. The honeymoon cannot be planned at this moment.

The disappointment was there to see and it was hilarious! Such fuss over a few innocent messages. But it melted my heart that they were genuinely excited and wanted me to settle down. I will, someday I guess, and I hope it’s someday soon when I find the girl for me. But guys, team…err…stop pairing me with colleagues, will ya?

And here is the crazy bunch!

One thought on “How I Was Almost Paired Off….Kinda!

  1. Awww. They just care about you, that’s all. I hope you meet the girl of your dreams soon, Roshan. I know you will.

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