How I’d cialis 5 Give Away $1 Million

Why would I give a million dollars away? I’m not rich, far from it. Heck I could use that million and take care of a lot of things in my life and secure my future. $1,000,000 into 49, that’s how much Indian rupees I will get. Nothing to sneeze at. I’d do a lot of things with that. Ok so now the question is what if I got $1 mil and I couldn’t keep it or buy anything from it and had to give away. Or that I am extremely rich and was bored with money and wanted to give away 1 million dollars; how would I do it?

The best way is to contribute to a genuine fund for the poor people so that this contribution would go to help feed, clothe or give medical care for those unfortunate ones. First help the humans in need around you. I wouldn’t go via the christian or hindu routes and instead find ways to ensure that the money is directly helping the poor. That’s the best way that I can think of to give it away.

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