How I’d Like to Change the World

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again and I’ll keep saying it till I die. We need to get rid of all the different religions and superstition stuff out there that is holding the human race back. Look at all the stuff that we have been through because the Muslims, the Christians, The Jews, the Hindus and the rest don’t see eye to eye. Divisions like religious beliefs, race, colour, creed and nationality is causing us more problems that you can throw a shoe at. I mean when it comes down to crunch situations, there are lots of people who would choose rituals & beliefs over another human being’s life. Or a group of human beings.

Spirituality is good and all that, having some cultural practices is cool but we need to get it though out thick skulls; there were many, many great religions in this world that worshiped 1000s of gods. They all fucking died out. What makes you think that Jesus, Allah & Krishna don’t come with an expiry date? They won’t last; at best they will be around for a few 100 years more or so. And then we are left with us ordinary humans but who knows we’ll probably make up a few much more dangerous religions perhaps and blow ourselves up!

So let’s change people. We are all the same. We are one, let’s not differentiate ourselves by religions, castes, colour, creed or nationality. We are humans first, everything else is just labels that change. We should be exploring the universe, building spaceships that take us to the various planets and star systems and galaxies. The universe is infinite and we need to be out there. The other aliens are laughing at us. Hell the bad aliens don’t need to attack us, we’re doing it for them!! Let’s change, embrace your humanity and let’s progress and boldly go where no man ha gone before. Let’s abolish hunger, thirst, pain, greed, money, disease, poverty & strife!

I can’t do it alone. Join me or join us, cause there are others like me.

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2 thoughts on “How I’d Like to Change the World

  1. Yup, if only we could do it. I’m not asking for a perfect utopia but definitely we can do a lot better.

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