How I’ll Remember 10/10/10

It’s a big fuss over nothing. So yeah, granted that these kinda odd or cool looking dates come up once in a while and not many in your lifetime but so what? I mean how is this day any different than any Sunday for you or me?

Here’s what I did – I spent the day alone in my apartment. I woke up very late as I had slept late having watched some tv series on my laptop. It was 9:45 am by the time I woke myself up from my bed.The wind picked up and we had a lovely breeze throughout the day in my part of the world. Hence, with the windows open it was cool throughout.

After coffee and a little breakfast I spent most of my day online, watching lots of music videos on Youtube. I ordered a nice big pizza for lunch and washed it down with a Sprite. As I munched my pizza I watched Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage, a documentary about the legendary & influential Canadian prog rock band. Thoroughly enjoyed it and once my pizza was done, I snuck into my bed, under the sheets and watched more Sci-fi series. Evening was more coffee and more videos. That’s it. I’m chilling & hanging out at home.

10.10.10 my ass! Lucky we didn’t have the media and internet back when it was 6.6.6!!

Now that would have been cool!

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