How Much TV Do You Watch Each Week?

Ah the tv question. Well, from a guy who used to watch 3-4 hours of his tv shows each week night and perhaps an additional 4 to 5 more hours on a weekday, I have now come down to almost zero hours this year. Or I should say from May 2011 to May 2012. I literally do not watch tv on a regular basis and can go days without watching the actual tv or programs shown on the tv here in my land to make it very precise. From cartoons to my fav cop-shows, scifi, supernatural, comedy & drama tv series and WWE I used to watch a lot. And ofcourse the many movies I used to watch on 4 or 5 different channels that show movies. I was never much of a reality tv show hound, with exception to shows like Rock Star or American Idol ( a couple of years) and I did watch Animal Planet, Discovery, Nat Geo and especially Travel & Living shows.

My tv watching diminished at about the same time as I got a new computer around September of 2006 and took a broadband connection a little later. I spend hours upon hours online so tv kind of lost much of it’s appeal. Plus they did have a lag in good shows for a while. Then I bough some dvds of tv shows and hence could watch the episodes at home while lying in bed at my leisure. Soon I discovered torrent and now I download all the tv shows I need with some exception as I like to keep the dvd collection if I can. However not all the good shows get dvd releases here and also they can be rather stupidly expensive. So downloading is the major option. I also do the same for movies.

The only thing that I didn’t want to download or watch online as my broadband speed isn’t that high is football matches. Watching football matches live is really something else all together and that proved to be a big exception to the rule. Around 2009-2011 football was the only thing that I watched online with a couple of exceptions here and there. Saturday and Sunday evenings watching football with coffee and chips or if it is later in the evening a pizza or sandwiches. Total relaxing time and great fun to watch. However, from May of last year my stupid cable tv provider has had a legal hassel with the 3 major sports pay channels – Star Sports, Ten Sports & ESPN – and hence no football for me.

The only thing that I still watch is when I am home alone and the internet is out. Or I am really bored and want to check what’s on tv during lunch or dinner. Maybe a movie that I haven’t seen yet or a couple of episodes of a tv series or two once in a while. That’s about it.

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2 thoughts on “How Much TV Do You Watch Each Week?

  1. I watch a lot of TV but it is always pre-recorded on this thing called an IQ which is like a digital recorder for cable TV. You program it to record the shows you like. I watch a lot of rubbish, I must admit, but it is the way I unwind. I have always watched TV and probably always will!!!

  2. I download most of my shows. I’ve been lucky to get a few tv shows I like here on dvd (Firefly, Friends, Angel, some seasons of Criminal Minds, Bones etc) but I rely on torrents to watch the latest shows.

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