How My Company Fucked My Life!

It’s the same story with some details changed. But in a nutshell, I got screwed by my company yet again. 11 months ago, I got promoted as the Training Team Leader; which basically meant that I managed the daily activities of the training depart, the training for the call center and the trainers themselves. And although I was happy with the promotion, I got no increase in pay. I was told by the HR that it would be atleast 6 months.

Yet I asked the training DGM for a hike. She said September 2008. The month came and went and no salary hike. I was patient. I waited till December when I told her, during a conversation that we had on something else, that I thought I deserved one and that she should do something about it. She cried ‘recession’ said that I derserved one and that she was gunning for promoting me to be promoted as a Assistant Manager. I said fine but what about a pay hike. She said that she couldn’t manage both but that she would try.

I waited and nothing happened as January came & went. March flew by and so did April. And then May – a day after I was back from my vacation, I got the mail that stated that, among others, I was also promoted to the post of AM. I was happy and felt that I had done something and that I was a somebody. They said that the promotion/grade change was effective from April 1st. Funny! I had been an AM for a month and 11 days and I didn’t know it.

Now, my salary hasn’t changed at all. The May salary has fallen into my account and I still haven’t got a hike for my two promotions. They say that it is defferred till October, which actually means November. Which means that I would be going through two whole quarters, 6 fucking months, of getting promoted and not getting a hike. A hike that is so fucking delayed, which I deserve and am not getting!

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I hate this fucking company. And they want more work, more results, more productivity, more initiatives, more efficiency – more fucking blood from me and people like me so that upper management can sit and drink it while lounging around in luxuries hotels! Managers, DGMS & above won’t think of staying in another location if it isn’t the finest hotels, with the most expensive & over-priced food and drinks. And they travel in planes! The nerve of these mother fucking bastards!

Can’t find another job, can’t find another job, can’t find another job! Pitiful situation! And if one more tells me that god will find you a way, I’ll tell you where your fucking god can go and shove his way. Up his father fucking asshole!

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PS: If anyone wants to comment, go ahead. But spare me the ‘you know you are so much more better than….” holier than thou bullshit!

8 thoughts on “How My Company Fucked My Life!

  1. I hear ya, Roshan. I am in a very similar situation. The work is being piled on me. I recently took a salary cut just to keep my job but my co-workers and I feel we made a mistake in agreeing to it. I am angry too. Really sick of it. Sometimes I really can’t see the point of it all. Unless you’re rich – life sucks.

  2. I hear you. They locked our salaries guaranteeing no one will get any raises while my firm keeps making record profits and saying to the world we are recession proof. Just hang in there.

  3. I just learned that some managers & DGMs are going for a weeks training at a prestigious management institute, that the company is funding for a huge amount, but meanwhile………people like me keep getting stuck.

  4. When I was doing work as a consultant for the same firm, I learned – from my director – that my VP earned a bonus that was two and half times my yearly salary. That pissed me off years ago and still pisses me off today.

  5. The guy I’m reporting to, the manager for Training & Quality for two states is making 83k while I am making 12k. I am stunned!

  6. Well it’s why my firm has outsourced many jobs to your corner of the world. Low wages. When you guys get fed up, form unions and demand better wages… stuff is gonna change.

  7. Lol, mine is a local project. Customer care for a large mobile service provider, catering to purely Indian customers.

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