How to Remember Names

I try very hard to remember people’s names. My last two jobs were ones in which I met a lot of people who come and go and with their tenure in the job being so less, it’s hard to keep up and remember their names. Some people are naturally memorable but it’s the other that worry me. Don’t you just hate it when you meet someone after a few months or a few years and although the face is quite familiar, you are just stuck for the name. You concentrate hard, you heat your brain cells and scan for that information but it just isn’t coming! And then you have that awkward moment when you have to ask that person to refresh your memory and tell you their name again!

Try to find a word that rhymes with that person’s name when you are getting to know them. That usually works. Like Jayrous The Virus is vey Dangerous. Or rhyming their names with a commonly known phrase – for example, a guy called Geo, I would call him Geo (Jiyo) or Jeene tho (in Hindi it means ‘Live & let live). Or using an actor or character in a film to tie to the name of the person. That could also be fun.

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