Hurry Boy, She’s Waiting There For You

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“Have you ever considered taking a trip to Africa? What would be your favorite thing to experience in such a country?”

First of all, Africa is not a country. Now then, onto my answer.

Not recently. My idea of certain areas of Africa is places where it might be dangerous to be in, unless you have a good guide and a strong group of people with you. But I’m sure that some countries like South Africa or Morocco are pretty great to visit and I would love to be able to see the sights. I might also bless the rains down there and take some time to do the things we never had. :P

Egypt and Algeria are other places that I love to visit especially Egypt. What a culture and rich history. And now? Tunisia as well interests me. Maybe the Ivory Coast and Cameroon. But not Nigeria; not even in a million years. Oh yeah Madagascar maybe. I’d love to go on an Africa Safari but only after I know all about their safety measures and facilities. I’d like to see the animals up close but only under certain conditions. Otherwise the zoo or Animal Planet will do just fine.

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