I Ain’t Too Fancy But If I Could…

You’re given unlimited funds to plan one day full of any and all luxuries you normally can’t afford. Tell us about your extravagant day with as much detail as possible.

Hmmm, I’m not sure. You know what, if I had some extra cash lying around I wouldn’t mind spending a week in a nice, luxurious hotel room or in a resort and just lounging around watching tv and ordering room service. Or at some luxury spa being massaged and pampered and getting lots of goodies there as well. That would be nice. I’d get myself a full body – well from the neck below – wax to get rid of all the body hair. Ah, cool liquids, cool liquids to drink please.

Maybe a house boat ride on the backwaters of Kerala. Eating lots of fried fish and squid, hmm and washing them down with beer. That’s the kinda relaxing I’d want. So either of these would be fine. Otherwise just give me the cash and I’ll take a bunch of my friends and go to a 5 star hotel and book a few rooms and we’ll have a party! Lots of great food and drink and some entertainment too! That’s it for me.

Prompt from the Daily Post at WordPress.com.

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