I Almost Hit A Guy On His Back

I was at the hospital today with my mom as she had to go to the dentist clinic at Krishna Hospital. So we fixed the time at 11am and by then got ready and I went to hail an auto to take us to the hospital. Once again I am struck with this feeling; autodrivers in Cochin please do us all a favour. First of all note down all the places in the city & suburbs that you would like to go to. Then we will shift our homes, office and other places to those areas so as to suit your conveniences! Fucking assholes refuse fares to certain places and then sit and cry that they are not making enough money to feed their families!

Once we got there, we went to the dentist section and saw just 7 to 8 people ahead of us. Mom went to take a seat while I went out for a walk and then had a Pepsi and a bite to eat. Being a nice day, it was good for my short walk but the roads are dusty as hell. Also they don’t want to fix the roads; sand, debris and all kinds of shit being used to fill the rather large potholes in Cochin. Ugh! Anyways, I walked a bit and found a small restaurant where I had a bite to eat and a Pepsi and then walked back to the hospital. I was reading a Reader’s Digest for about 30 minutes when my mom came out and we came back home.

Oh and I almost joking slapped a guy on his back at the hospital. That’s because I thought he was my cousin. From the side, he really did look like my cousin but as I came closer I realized that it wasn’t him! Sheesh, awkward moment avoided!

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