I Am A Knuckana-head!!

One of my embarrassing childhood memories is recorded in a cassette tape and the first time I remember listening to it was when I was around 20 or so. I still remember it very clearly.

I must have been 4 years old or so and my sister Sherine was around 10. My sister had this tape recorder and she was recording us playing around, making me recite stuff and I think there was some singing as well. And then I also remember slurping sounds – we were both having choco-stick ice creams and that got recorded too.

But the embarrassing part was a conversation, which I can’t remember, during which my sister calls me a “knucklehead”, for something silly that I said. I couldn’t pronounce “knucklehead” so I repeated “knuckana-head”! And I kept saying that “I am a kncuckana-head” loudly and you can hear my sister laughing at that.

I wish I could find that tape…..so I can destroy it once and for all!!

2 thoughts on “I Am A Knuckana-head!!”

  1. That one and there’s a naked pic of me when I was 3 or 4! That photo is with my uncle & aunt and they plan on handing it over to my wife once I get married.

    Is it any wonder why I am still a bachelor?

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