I Am Legend

Finally got round to watching the dvd of I Am Legend that I bought last Sunday. Having highly anticipated watching the film, I ended up being bored on this Saturday afternoon throughout most of this film. You see, this is the problem with knowing the story and watching numerous clips on tv & through the net.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some really fantastic reasons to watch this film but for me it became a dud in the end. I’d watch it just for Will Smith & the dog though.

So Robert Neville, the last uninfected human left in New York city just happens to be a virologist, i order to explain as to why he captures & experiments on infected mutants of a man-made disease. Said mutants are not scary by the way – they look like something from a Doom game. The mutants lose all their hair (hey can I get an infection that will remove all my body hair from the neck down) and their marbles and go into a primal aggressive stage and bite any non-infected. So Robert survives for 3 years, all alone except for his dog Sam. He stocks food, watches dvds, stocks supplies and drives around all day waiting for something to do.

Kind of like us normal humans on an average day!

Oh and they can’t stand sunlight.

Kind of like us after binge drinking!

So Neville does these experiments on infected rats & humans (cause we are the same) and broods over the death of his wife & kid. No, they didn’t get infected or devoured by the mutants – they had an accidental death in an helicopter. Sam later gets bitten by mutant dogs and hence while showing signs of infection, Robert is forced to kill the poor animal. While trying to get revenge, he is outnumbered but rescued by Anna and her son, fellow survivors from Maryland, and bring him back to his house where they tell him of a survivors colony in Vermont. Anna insists that they head out there but the infected storm the house and in order to save the others, Neville blasts himself and the infected with a hand grenade. His work on the infected has proven fruitful and before he goes all commando, he hands over a vial of blood to Anna, that will form the cure for the disease.

And human kind survives to live on!

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