I Believe / I Do Not Believe

For today’s prompt, tell us three things that you believe in your heart to be true. Tell us three things you believe in your heart to be false.

I believe these to be true (but I do not have any proof on them but these are things that I wish to be true, hopefully)

  1. In the future humankind will become one without any borders, race, colour, creed, ethnicity or any other things that separate them. Every human being will work for the betterment of the human race and our animal friend and will use that as an end goal.
  2. We will find and contact intelligent life out there in the universe. All those planets and moons and no life – c’mon; don’t tell me that you are that arrogant enough to think that!
  3. All these stupid religions will eventually die out and humankind will drink beer and collectively go “What the fuck were our ancestors thinking?”

I believe these to be false (but I do not have any proof on them so I will not claim with any degree of finality)

  1. There is no/are no gods. Perhaps some extremely advanced (technologically and/or evolutionary) races of aliens beings.
  2. All human beings (and all living things) must eventually die, no matter how much you try and extend the life. Fuck off, we don’t know for sure so I’m sticking with “maybe we haven’t explored it enough yet!”
  3. That you cannot eat just one chip. I’ve done it!

Prompt from the Daily Post at WordPress.com.

2 thoughts on “I Believe / I Do Not Believe

  1. I actually laughed at your last one. Indeed, it is impossible to eat just one chip. However, while I’m not religious myself I don’t know if I agree with your first statement. I do wonder if current practises will become obsolete, but I also wonder if new religions will develop. There are threads of older religions in Christianity and Christianity is not just one set doctrine, there are numerous off-shots and belief’s surrounding practises. Is it not possible that another form of worship will emerge in the future? Perhaps the need to have faith in a higher being supersedes all religious denomination.

  2. Hello Carol
    Here’s the thing – I believe it is possible and I have that hope. Current practices will die out – that is the trend with religion throughout history. Something else may take it’s place, like in North Korea where they have elevated the leaders to the position of gods and the rule is dictatorial & absolute. Or we could collectively become wiser and let compassion, humanism and peace guide us. Who knows what will happen, but I believe it will be good but I do not know it for sure.

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