I Bought A New Phone – IQOO 9T

The last few days I have been doing my research into buying a new phone. I currently have 2 phones – an Oppo F11 Pro which I bought in September 2019 and a RealMe X2 Pro which I bought in June of 2020. The Oppo is showing a lot of signs of wear and tear and since I am using it as a back up phone it is sometimes never even charged. The X2 Pro is a beautiful phone which has served me well as my daily driver from June of 2020. I remember doing research into getting this phone that year – I remember I searched for the best phones around the Rs.30,000 mark at the time and in every website the most common phone was the X2 Pro.

So in the end I decided to splash some of the money I earned from sponsored blogging and I absolutely love the phone. I did an unboxing video of that phone and I loved its look and feel and the phone was so smooth to work on. But I did have a couple of issues – one was almost immediately known; I found that the network had issues on this phone and at times, people wouldn’t be able to reach me unless they tried a couple of times. The second issue is more recent, last couple of months I have noticed that the charge doesn’t last as long on the phone anymore. Although charging is pretty quick, that was a drag.

So now I have purchased a new phone online on Amazon.in – it is the very new flagship killer IQOO 9T. This is such an awesome looking phone with great specs. I have watched quite a few reviews of the phone and finalized it last night. IQOO is killing it right now and they have 3 variations of their flagship phone – the 9, the 9T & the 9 Pro of which the is the latest and is the middle child in terms of price and features. I can’t afford the 9 Pro and can barely afford this one as it is. But I exchanged the X2 Pro for it and will hand it over when the Amazon delivery guy comes to deliver the IQOO phone. I can’t wait!

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