I Broke My Favourite Coffee Mug

Shattered! Into many pieces of ceramic (or is it porcelain) shards, reminiscent of the great ruins of Greece or Babylon.

This pretty coffee mug, pink & white was gifted to me, and similar mugs to the rest of my team, from the management of the company I work for, for achieveing the top performance out of 19 such departments across the country. Even though it wasn’t expensive it meant a lot to me.

It represented  one of just 3 award kind of things that I have ever received from my company for achievements in performance. We felt a bit proud in walking up to the front of the crowd and presented it. And now it’s broken!

I was having coffee late last evening and I had left the mug next to my monitor (on a coaster) until much later in the night. As I got up to go to the look to take a leak, my elbow hit the mug and down it went and shattered. I gathered up the pieces and wiped the coffee remnants off the floor.


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