I Broke The Frame Of My Spectacles!

Of all the rotten stupid things! Today afternoon I broke my glasses; well just the frame. And now the lens won’t stay in and keeps falling off. I was due to get a new pair anyways. Infact at the office a few weeks ago I remember saying that my now rather old spectacles are in dire need of replacement. This was because the nose guards on both side of my thin framed glasses had fallen off. My colleagues were recommending me to get a new pair from Lenskart as they have some discount going on.

So this afternoon, post lunch I was trying to watch a movie – Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones if you must know which one it was. I then had to go down to collect a package but as I was getting my slippers to do so, I knocked my glasses which I was trying to get off my face to clean them. It ended up falling down a few steps and when I picked it up, I noticed that the frame was broken and that the lens of my right side had fallen of. Bummer!

So I had to make arrangements to replace it. I managed to get to a store in the city before it closed (they close at 7pm, I was there by 6pm) and tried a couple of them. I picked one that has a thicker frame as I don’t want the to break easily. I don’t care how it looks but I just want it to be sturdier. I have to go and collect them at 10 am tomorrow.

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