I Couldn’t Live Without MY……

Of all the things I own, I really could not live without my _________ because…


My computer – my current one which is an HP 15.6 in with 1 TB drive, 4 GM RAM that I enhanced to 16GB and Windows 10. Without it, life isn’t complete. I have rarely been separated from my laptop – even the ones before this. The most is 5 days which was in October when I was hospitalized and hence was laptopless. Other than that I have always had my laptop with me. I switch it one when I wake up and unless I am lying down and watching tv or sleeping, the laptop is on.

It is my entertainment partner, I use it for movies, tv shows, images, wallpapers, songs on mp3s etc. I use it for booking tickets, ordering groceries and snacks, paying my bills, for keeping connected online and messaging friends, maintaining my blog, doing research, searching for jobs, blogging, getting paid etc etc. Man, how did I ever manage without you all those years ago?

Prompt from Lalilo August ’21 Writing Prompt Calendar at Lalilo.com

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