I Doughnut Want To Eat You

National Doughnut Day! Will you be celebrating with homemade doughnuts or picking up a box at the store? Share your best doughnut story or recipe.

So I am 6 days late to this topic but better late than never. I love doughnuts or donuts as most people spell them out. Though to be honest I rarely have a craving for them. If I am in a nice coffeeshop and see that they have have them among their wares then yes I indulge in one.

A couple of times I have been to a famous international outlet like a Dunkin Donuts in Delhi and a Krispy Kreme in Chennai. We also have a local restaurant call Donut Factory but they also have fast food in there. I have had a few from the office whenever they get Donut Factory to come in and sell their wares in our cafteria as a promotional bit.

The only thing I have never done is dip a donut into my coffee. I tend to like my coffee sweet so rarely do I eat the donut with my coffee. I usually wait for the coffee to finish before I bite into my donut. Also since I rarely get a donut it’s usually ones that come with some cream on it or inside it. I love chocolate glazing on my donuts (because I love chocolate anything) and I also loved the Boston Cream filled donut I had in Dunkin.

Now if only Tim Hortons came to my location. I don’t think they are even in India anywhere.

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