I Have Ducked Away From Trying This

What’s one ingredient that you’ve seen in the grocery store, but have been too scared to purchase?

Duck. Of all the meats I have had, the least eaten is duck meat. I have only had duck meat twice in my life. Once it was as a restaurant, which has long since closed, many years ago. I stepped in for lunch after running some errands for my parents and on a whim I ordered the duck curry. It was not very good.

The second time was more pleasant. I was 22 (so over 22 years ago) and at a friends house for lunch. One of the delicacies that this mother had made for him and his friends was duck roast. Kerala style roast which means a thick gravy but the meat was succulent. I loved it but since then I have not had duck at all.

I am scared to even buy this at home since no one in my family knows how to cook it or have tried to cook it. I am tempted to but wouldn’t have a clue as to what to do with it. Videos of Peking duck and duck comfit make my mouth water. It’s not that I really cook. But somehow I haven’t even ordered duck from other places since then.

Prompt from 16 WRITING PROMPTS FOR FOOD BLOGGERS at Food bloggers of Canada

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