I Haven’t Gone To The Theatres In A While

It’s been ages since I last went to a movie theatre to see a movie. Sometime in October 2004 I guess. Before that I was a regular visitor at the theatres. I’d go to watch most of the English language movies that they’d show in Cochin but Sridhar theatre was my favourite. Especially after they did a big renovation sometime in the late 90s. I’d go alone mostly but when my cousin Manoj still  lived in India, he & I used to go a lot. When I’d go I’d get a soft drink, some popcorn or chips and a candy. I loved the theatres and I had a special seat that I always wanted to sit in in the balcony section in Sridhar – it was the right most seat in the front row of the middle section – best viewing angle.

In 2004 I went for the most movies at the theatres that I remembered of in any year. That year there also was a James Bond movie festival and I had no computer or internet at home so I was bored. I worked a shift that saw me finish work at 3pm, so I would gather my stuff go to Shenoys theatre, buy snacks & a drink and sit in the balcony. I watched 10 of the Bond movies that year and 8 times I was all alone in the Balcony section. 8 times! So I’d take my shoes off, put my feet up and chill. Fell asleep once or twice too! The same year I remember going for Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid, Troy & The Last Samurai. If I am not mistaken Troy was probably the last movie I saw in the theatres.

I dunno why I haven’t been to one since. There were many movies that I would loved to see in the theatres and thought of going. Avatar, Star Trek & The Avengers are the 3 that spring to my mind at the moment but I am sure that there were more. With The Dark Knight Rises coming soon, I might be tempted once again to break my self-imposed exile as far as movie theatres are concerned and go along with my cousin Sujith and see it on the first weekend that it gets released. Might be a refreshing change for me.

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