I Heart Wikipedia

What’s the default page or custom homepage that you, my dear readers, have set on your browser(s) of choice? I know that some keep a site that they visit often and/or which is updated quite a lot, like a news site or a sports site etc. Some keep Google, Bing or Yahoo as their homepage. And some may keep their own website as the default page. I keep Wikipedia as my homepage.

I spend many hours in a week browsing through the pages in Wikipedia, clicking through the links that interests me in each page and ending up on a topic/article that is so far removed from the original search/page that I entered. For example; a search for the plot of a movie, click on one of the actors bio, to another movie, to an actress in that movie, to a hobby that she indulges in, to a list of famous people who also indulge in that hobby, to a musician, to his hometown, to other famous people in that town, to an authour who  lives in that town, to one of his books, to a person mentioned in that book, to the religion/ideal followed by the person, to the person who started that religion/ideal, to a concept of philosphy mentioned in the page, to the theory behind it, to the book that defines this theory! And so on!

An unfortunate thing is that almost on a daily basis, I keep checking the Recent Deaths section that is linked on the homepage in Wikipedia. As most of you in the past few months we’ve had many famous people passing away. And to keep a track of it, one of the easiest ways is to click on this link and get a list of people who have passed away date wise or month wise. I know it’s a bit on the dark side but how else do we get to know?

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