I L<3VE Popcorn

The perfect snack for watching a movie at the theatres with a large cola (Coke or Pepsi, take your pick). Or if you at home and drinking a coffee in the late afternoon and watching Youtube videos or scrolling past Facebook posts. Or if you want to watch a movie or a football match at home and drinking a beer.

Though I usually buy Act II popcorn that you can put into a large pot or pressure cooker and make it in jiffy, once in a while I also look out the pre-popped ones you can get in packets or in cans. I have bought a few and loved them. 4700 BC makes these awesome flavoured one with cheese or avacado & lime or chocolate and walnut. Man those are so addictive. But most of the time, I buy the ACT II simpler ones with butter or just plan because, well they are so much more cheaper and give you a lot more.

Drinking a coffee on a cold day and munching popcorn right now.

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