I Missed The Show :(

Well, my team members got up on stage tonight and sang two songs with all their might. But I missed it :(

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Well, due to problems in getting a karaoke version of the songs that they wanted to perform (We Will Rock You by Queen & Another Brick In The Wall by Pink Floyd) they were in two minds as to whether to perform or not. I went to the auditorium at 5:30 pm and watched some of the show till just after 7 pm. It was the dumb fashion show that bored the shit outta me. So I went back to the office.

The guys weren’t sure if they should go on stage at all and so I left for home at 8:20 pm. A few minutes back, they SMSed me that they did finally go on stage towards the end of the show and were well recieved. Damn I hate myself  for missing it! But I’ll watch it on video – the whole show was taped by a professional crew.

2 thoughts on “I Missed The Show :(

  1. Yeah and that’s a good thing. But I wish I had known that they would go on stage; I would have stayed back no matter what.

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