I Need A Break

I have had it today. Today has not been a good day and I certainly do like or appreciate being criticized for every thing that I do. I do not care that she is my mother. I cannot stand it anymore and I certainly am not going to apologize for it. I have been at the receiving end and lived with it for almost 44 years and I have just about had enough.

It’s not like me to go on a holiday so soon and in the same year but when things get a little better and I am not needed to be there for the current training batches for work, I am taking a few days off and going away. I need to unwind and relax again. I need to get away from my parents. My mom, especially, is driving me nuts and I just lashed out at her this evening because she got on my nerves. Imagine someone who spends the days going about just looking for things to complain and nitpick and irritate you every step of the way. If it’s not the way she wants things, she bitches and whines and complains. Well I have had it!

I am no longer going to feel guilty for lashing out and shouting back at her. I use profanity and swear about her parents, who clearly (and this is because of several things) should never have had children according to me. I have just had enough and I couldn’t care two hoots if her feelings get hurt when I lash out because she clearly doesn’t care if my feelings get hurt.

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