I Need A New Coffee Cup

Part of the taste in drinking coffee is also in the experience – and the cup that you drink it in.

I’m a regular coffee drinker, atleast 5 cups in a day. Now forget the miniscule paper cups that they provide us at the office for drinking coffee / tea (about the size of the kind that they give you pills in a hospital) but when I’m at home I enjoy sipping my coffee in peace, listening to music or browsing the net while I drink it. The stronger the better; my cup usually lasts me 15-20 minutes and so I ensure that the coffee is boiling hot to begin with.

I currently drink my coffee at home out of these yellow cups that we got free when buying large packets of Bru instant coffee. They aren’t just cutting it anymore. I don’t seem to find any pleasure in using these mugs. I gotta find me a new set of cool looking coffee mugs. How about these funky Star Trek Klingon Empire mugs? Cool!

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