I Needed To Get Out Of The House

Two weeks of doing just home-office-home was more than enough. After the last day out I had I fell sick and had to rest for 4 days. Then I just didn’t go out. Plus the rains didn’t help. I was feeling a bit restless and so go out today I did!

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I went to Cafe Coffee Day for some brunch – a frappe coffee (which was bland) and a chicken cilantro sandwich (which was good, not great but good). It kinda looked a lot like this but with less cheese! And it was hot. I read a few pages of a book while I was there. Then it was off to get my hair cut. Longish on the sides and the back while not too long up front. I hate thinning hair. But I had to get it cut and I think the new guy at Mamma Mia! did a good job.

After that I went over to Penta Menka and browsed through the dvd sections of Cinema Paradiso. I got a couple of movies, including the new Friday The 13th death toll movie movie. Going to watch that with a couple of friends in a few days. After that I was going to head out to bar but got side tracked first. Less water and less salt gave me the cramps! I had huge pains on my side and stomach. I had to get out of the autorikshaw that I was in and walk about as I waited for the pain to subside.

It took about 15 minutes of shooting pains before it went down enough for me to walk 500 meters and get a lime soda with salt that soothed me a bit. I was ok in a few more minutes and made my way back to MG Road and over to Oberois. I had a couple of beers and some noodles with cauliflaur for a late lunch and read my book. By 4 I was back in my room, opened the windows, wrapped my flannel sheet around me and watched Star Wars Episode II : Attack Of The Clones.

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