I See A Change In Location Coming Up

Well, I guess I’m ready to let you know about this – it looks like that I will be moving location along with a new job. I’m serving my notice period with my current company and will be joining up a new company, a start up company that will has humble origins and will have a humble beginnings. This new job will also bring out the need for me to move homes.

I currently live about an hour & 30-40 minutes away from the location of the new office. In the initial 3 to 4 months, as this is a new organization and it will be required to stay long hours and living this far away will be very hard on me. I hate traveling that much anyway and wouldn’t want to have zero social life/free time for myself on a regular basis. It would be wise to find accommodation near to the office premises.

So that means, finding a small place – a bedroom, bathroom, small living room & tiny kitchen, would be nice. I’ll have to start looking for a place by mid-March and change addresses. Changing the ISP location (cause who can live without broadband anymore) and stuff like that will be vital. Packing and moving is a chore and a pain in the ass but I think it will be necessary if I am joining them. Excited? Yes. Scared? Absolutely!

6 thoughts on “I See A Change In Location Coming Up

  1. Oh, congrats on the new job. Yes, moving is a real pain but I am sure you will get a lovely place and that you will enjoy your new job very much. How exciting!!!

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