I Should've Learned To Play Them Drums

When I think of the the work I do & work I have done, I get some satisfaction :). But when my paycheck comes at the 1st of every month, I am not at all happy :cry: and feel disappointed. What is worse that some people in the same line of work get paid a whole lot more. What’s even worse is when some people have less to do and get paid a whole lot of money. What’s worst is when there are some assholes who do so little and yet are getting paid a whole lot just because they suck and they blow! Now that get’s my goat! :evil:

2 thoughts on “I Should've Learned To Play Them Drums

  1. Hiya!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving the sweet comment. As for drums… well, have you tried RockBand?? It’s not as easy as one would think.. ha..ha.ha… I look like a retarded puppy trying to hump a doorknob when I play them… :)

    Good luck with the suckers and the blowers.. I feel your pain.. really I do!

  2. Thanks for visiting me Cinnkitty. I am not big on the gaming thing, although I would love to get Guitar Hero! And since I haven’t yet seen a retarded or otherwise puppy humping a doornob, I’m gonna have to use my imagination ;).

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