I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

I’m feeling quite frustrated as my search for a place to rent is still not over. Remember the two places that I thought would be the ones that would be suitable for me and that I would be able to choose among them? Well turned out that the apartment in Angamaly was beyond my budget! Sounded perfect and damn, I was so looking forward to it but I just can’t afford that place. Ok, so that left me with the paying guest option in Chalakudy. I got a call from the guy I had met at the cafeteria and he told me that during the weekend someone had come in for renting and there was no vacancy remaining.

Holy shit! Am I jinxed to not find a place at all? Yesterday I checked the local websites which specialize in apartments & houses (stand alone & portions)  & scanned options for the Angamaly area. I found 3 places that suited my requirements – the first one is a house with 3 bedrooms and quite near the main road and bus stations but the owner’s cell phone numbers seems to be down as I kept trying and trying but no luck. Ok, let’s try the other two places. The 2nd place even has some photos of the place up in the website. Looked real nice, so I called the number listed. Top floor of a 3 storied building, 2 bedrooms both with bathrooms attached, hall, kitchen and a balcony. The owners have two such buildings on adjacent plots and were giving all 6 apartments for rent – but only to families. I spoke to the brother of the owner (his sister & brother in law live abroad) and he said that all other 5 apartments were given to families and they weren’t willing to rent the 6th one out to a bachelor.

The 3rd place also drew a blank. Reason? You guess it! – they will only rent out to a family or a married couple. Guess I’m going to have to get hitched on short notice if I need to get a place for rent. Any woman out there willing to get married for me to get a place to rent? I’m getting desperate!!

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  1. Is that a proposal? (wets the tips of his index finger and thumb and slicks back his eyebrows) When’s the next flight to NJ?

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