I Want Some Copporn…Er, Popcorn

I made some popcorn today evening. Well, if you can call it ‘make’! A colleague at work, who lives near the office, came back to the office in the evening with a big plastic box filled with popcorn. He was the one to introduce me to Act II popcorn.

So today, I bought these small sachets of this stuff worth Rs.5 each. All you have to do is get a deep pan, cut open the sachets, pour the kernels (seeds or whatever they are dipped in some kinda slimy paste) into the pan and start to heat it.

I used an aluminum lid to cover the pan, just leaving a little space open for the steam to come out off and soon could hear the ‘ping, ping’ as the popping corn hit & bounced off the lid. In just a few minutes, I had a big bowlful of the stuff and had something to eat while I watched tv.

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