I Wanted To Come &See You But…

I met a girl recently. Our initial day was not all that great. Infact I was getting very annoyed at her and had things gone any worse that day I would have really given it to her. Day 2, however, was not so bad. I warmed up to her. She turned out to be nice, warm, friendly & funny. Best thing was, she laughed at all my jokes. I cracked her up with some of my stuff; she laughed so hard that she almost fell off her chair. Twice!

I teased her a bit and she reacted in the cutest way possible. She’s pretty and cute with a perfect little nose. A nose you’ll feel like pinching if you saw it. Light, clear, fair skin. And she’s pretty in an unobvious way and the best part is that she uses no makeup. She doesn’t have to. Day 3 was better, me & other girl walked her to the bus stop and we went together to her destination. I walked her to her friends place. Day 4 was more better. She would grab my arm when I pretended to leave, as if upset by her teasing, and that would make me stay. Day 5 was her last day in the city at work and she would be going back to her office and her hometown on Sunday at 5pm. We said goodbye on Saturday night at around 8:30 pm.

On Sunday we text messaged each other all throughout the morning. I asked her what her plans were for the day until her flight at 5pm. She said that she was bored and had no plans. I felt that I should go to her hotel and surprise her, maybe get a pizza and have lunch with her or something. And then drop her off at the airport. Or take her out for a bit. I hesitated. What was I thinking? It’s not like I was in love with her or falling for her. And this is me? Unlucky in the matters of the heart. And I still haven’t gotten over the other woman. But I could have done it. You know, just try it out and if it develops into something let it develop. But I chickened out. I don’t make as much money as she does. She’s used to finer stuff. She lives in a metro, she’s used to that. I’m a small town boy at heart. She’s pretty and cute, I’m fat & ugly. So I chickened out.

6 thoughts on “I Wanted To Come &See You But…

  1. Oh Roshan, you should have called her. You have so much to offer. I often think you are far too hard on yourself. You are a sensitive, kind, generous person. It sounded like she liked you. You are a great guy – remember that!

  2. You`re lucky I don’t live close enough to kick you in the butt! Why didn’t you call and invite her out for a friendly dinner, no strings attached? Life doesn’t have to be always complicated you know. She liked you.

    YOU need to like you, too.

    Anyways. You have a blog award on my site, come get it

  3. I would have killed to be in Montreal except for right now – my butt is kinda fragile.
    I’m talking to her everyday. She says that she’s glad that she now has someone who will make her laugh – any time she is stressed or moody, she will call me at once.
    I dunno. I will keep in touch with her and who knows, if I get another chance, I could be buying her breakfast…..if you know what I mean!

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