I Wish I Were Fluent In…

French – the most beautiful and sexiest language in the world. I wish I could speak to the locals in French in cities like Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nice, Cannes or Monaco. And also in the cities in Quebec, Canada like Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Troi Rivieirs etc.

Spanish – it’s so hectic and energetic. I’m sure that I would be adding corazon a lot if I was in South American. People who speak Spanish as their native tongue always sounds like they just came from an exciting event and are telling it to you as they speak with as much energy as they can possibly muster. It could be about making tea, but they make it sound like a F1 race!

Mandarin & Cantonese – blame Russell Peters for this but I actually now know the difference between the two languages spoken in Hong Kong & China. It would be so cool to speak it. Plus Chinese women in the 21st century are so cute looking!

German – bitte geben Sie mir ein Bier! I so wanna go to Octoberfest and say that!

Swedish – ya ya! or is it ja ja!

Tamil – I actually think that most Tamilians, not the well educated ones, have no volume control and can either shut up or speak loudly. Their lovemaking must be fun for their neighbours! But if nothing else, I would want to learn how to speak Tamil fluently just so I can tell them that their music sucks!!!

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