I Won A Giveaway

Hey I won something online! Finally I do win something that I entered to win online. I’m one of the winners of the 2nd Annual Big Evolving Beings Holiday Giveaway 2010 held by the lovely Evita Ochel on her blog Evolving Beings.

A total of 10 gifts were to be given off to 10 different winners in this giveaway. The way to enter this was just by entering a comment on of Evolving Beings video posts or by tweeting about the giveaway. I did the latter and I also was so happy about my gift. The first 5 gifts are all books, with one even having a 6 cd course included. I wasn’t that into any of the books. The other 5 winners each get to select one of two mp3 albums recorded by Canadian New Age singer/musician Marcome.

The two choices are Seven Seas or River Of Soul. I chose the latter and will be sent a link to the mp3s by the artist herself. That is such a treat. I love Marcome’s uplifting music and will enjoy listening to the tracks.

A big thank you to Evita and a big thank you to Marcome.

Update: I was sent an email from Marcome’s website which contains the link to download the album in mp3 format. That was quick! Downloading it as I type.

3 thoughts on “I Won A Giveaway

  1. Hi Roshan,

    Congratulations again and you are most welcome!

    I love how people attract to themselves, exactly what they desire, when the intention flows from love

    Wishing you a beautiful year’s end and holiday season!

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