I & You Loves Me

What do you love most about yourself? What do you love most about your favorite person? Are the two connected?

I think the thing I love most about myself is what other people also seem to love about me. So I’m gonna pick two of those because I, well I usually feel so down about myself that I could really use more positivity.  The first thing is my sense of humour, which although I feel is not for everybody so I actually tone it down and remove the dirty jokes and double meanings, but still I am considered to be a funny guy!

I like making people laugh and when I get a good laugh from a person or persons that makes me so happy. I have been a positive influence in someone’s life today and make them laugh and have them something to smile about. I love that. I especially like it when people I am fond of love my sense of humour. Which brings me to my next thing that I love about myself – I seem to get some affection from people, especially younger people at work. They seem to like me and think I am a sweet and nice guy. Well I am but it’s almost bringing me to the point of embarrassment at how much I am appreciated for being a nice guy.

Still I love these two things about me and I won’t give them up for anything. Well most things. What I do love about my favourite person is that she is sweet, naughty, loves my jokes and sense of humour and thinks I am a very decent, sweet, funny and nice guy. And I love that!

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