If Days Had 25 Hours

At the rate I’m going, I’d use that extra hour to sleep. No doubt about it. Ever since I joined this new job I’ve been changing shift timings every week, in between the week. That is making me feel so damn tired and sleepy. I barely am able to adjust to one timing when it changes for me all of a sudden. I am flexible but when it happens mid week and 3 weeks in a row it is bound to cause havoc with my internal systems. And it has. And it looks like this mid week change is going to happen for the 4th week in a row, the following week. I do not know if this is going to be there for long but it is not good for my body.

Sleep after a night shift is not consistent. On a good day I can get 6 to 7 hours of sleep but it’s usually like 4-5 hours in the afternoon plus an additional 1 or 2 in the night before I have to get ready for work (if it’s a night shift, I usually do a 1:30 am to 9am shift so I have to be ready for the company cab by 1am). Which means post dinner I try to sleep 10pm-12am or something to that effect, wake up, get some coffee and keep myself energized enough to go down to the ground floor and get into the waiting cab.

I’m not that young anymore, so spring chicken and therefore I need my sleep. This night shift stuff is a game for a younger man. Let’s see how it goes, because I was told that it’s not permanent for me and I will soon be back to doing only day shifts. I truly hope so just for my health’s sake. Until then, an extra hour a day would be nice.

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