If I Could Be a Professional Critic

Hmmm I like the thought of these three things – food, movies & books. Choosing between these three is easy if it comes down to a crunch because, think about it. If you are a good film critic, people will send you dvds. If you are a good book critic, people will send you books or ebooks. And if you are a good food critic……get my drift? Or get invited to go check out the food at fancy restaurants.

But the lure of the food aside, I would like books & movies more because I’d be entertained at the same time as I’d be doing my job. And I’d be a polite and sweet critic; I’d be more Paula Abdul than Simon Cowell. What I do know is that I won’t be Randy and keep saying “hot” and “dawg” all the time. So yeah books & movies is what I’d like to do more off. Only thing is that I do not read as much as I used to and blame it on the internet cause I spend almost all my free time on it and then there’s movies & tv series galore to watch. So that would mean that movies & tv series would be my first pick, books next and food third.

I find it funny to see wine tastes go all snobby about certain wines and the way they taste the wines and then spit the damn thing out. Even if it is a good wine! Beer tasting & beer critics seem so much more relaxed and down to earth. Yeah I’d like that job. Roshan the beer critic. International burper extraordinaire. Send me your ales, lagers & your porters. It’s beertastically fantastically great.

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2 thoughts on “If I Could Be a Professional Critic

  1. I would like to be a Lamborghini critic. I would really like a free Lambo. Can you imagine me tearing along the city streets? Oh yeah, baby!!!

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