If I Could Be Anyone In The World For A Day!

If I could be anyone in the world for a day, I would be…

Hmmm, I dunno. Maybe Prime Minister or President of a nation? A very rich businessman with a personal financial fortune of in the Billions! Maybe I could transfer some of that money to my personal account so after that one day, I will still have a lot of money!

A famous actor will a horde of gushing fans, especially women, swooning as I make my “grand entrance” and grabbing me for selfies and autographs. Said signatures of mine might be on the ample bosoms of randy looking hot women! LOL, I will never change. Or, I could be incharge of the Playboy mansion and have my fun with all my Playboy bunnies.

Or I could be a viril stud of a porn star and have to shoot a threesome with a couple of my favourite female pornstars that ends up in a very, very satisfying explosion of pleasure for the 3 of us. Ah yeah! Actually I would also love to be a singer/guitarist in a famous rock band and perform in front of a 100000 people and while I am performing, having the entire audience sing my song back to me. That would be awesome!

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