If I Could Control The Weather In Cochin

I wish I could control the weather in my city.

Cochin has been unbelievably hot this year for the most part. Sometimes a 2 minute walk can have you dripping with sweat pouring from you and leaving you with huge dark circles on your shirt where the armpits are. Nasty stuff!
The respite is when it rains and I am happy to say that it’s been raining a bit now. But not when I want it. I wanted it to rain in the afternoon, say start by 1pm and slowing a bit by 4 or 5 pm. Then it can rain late in the night so there’s a cool breeze over me while I sleep.

Last night there was heavy lightning & thunder – not good. Ofcourse I had to unplug my computer and tv and hope we survived the night. Yes it was quite a spectacle, being able to see it from the 7th floor windows. I prefer the rain to the heat. Infact I love the rain. But the damn thing won’t come when I want it to!

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