If I Could Do One Evil Thing…

Really? No consequences at all? I wouldn’t have to be hauled in by the law and present myself in court, all tied up in chains? No cops, lawyers, judges or anyone of authority to deal with at all? Cross your heart and hope to die?

There’s a bunch of people who I would like to kill. And not kill; I would want to torture them and make them suffer a slow, agonizing death. They should be made to suffer a horrible death and feel terrible pain & each second should be made to feel stretched as long as an hour. Torture of the cruelest kind and not for the faint hearted people to watch.

Why would I want to do this to a fellow human being (and I use this term lightly)? Why am I, a lover not a fighter, a man of peace & harmony on most given days, choosing to think such thoughts? Well it’s because the people I wish this harm upon do not deserve to live and are the very essence of evil or who only exist to feed their own ego and also to create disharmony and whose main objective in life is to cause misery for others. These people do not deserve to live. And in my humble opinion, they should be dealt with and gotten rid off.

So yeah, I would kill and get rid of the bodies and the world would be a much better place for it.

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One thought on “If I Could Do One Evil Thing…

  1. I agree. Some people don’t deserve to live and cannot be rehabilitated. I would be happy to see them burn. My friend was raped when she was 17. The man got 10 years and when he was released raped 3 other women. I would be happy to shoot him right between the eyes. He has caused so much misery and has caused my friend to consider taking her own life. I will never forgive him. The world would be a better place without him.

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