If I Could Get Away With Committing A Crime

Aha, the perfect option! Getting away with crime is something that we all wish we could do; however my requirement is only that of ridding the world of evil & pests to mankind and I wish no personal gain. Other than the pleasure of having gotten rid of some really bad rubbish, no doubt! I do not wish to commit any heists or raid the coffers of a bank or some other monetary & financial benefits. I wish that I could kill some low life vermin who do not deserve to be called as human.

These people go about their lives making profit out of cheating people, rape, murder, incest, looting and/or generally making the life of others miserable. They seem to exist only for these purposes and hence do not go by the philosophy that I maintain – help other people if you can and if you can’t atleast do not trouble them! Oh no, these people are out to manipulate, use & abuse and make you wish that you were never born!

Why should we feel that way? If you and I go about life without initially causing any harm and if we do find out that we have done some, then we go and fix it. We apologize and we help. These people? No chance in hell.

So I would like to get away with murder; kill them and not be punished. I have a target list of such people which includes even distant relatives, people I have worked with in the same organizations, religious & political figures, criminals and rapists! That’s what I would do – exterminate them!

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