If I Could Invent Anything

I hate to be a judge of other people, but there are some asshole who were born on this earth to create chaos and problems for the rest of us. I wish I could invent something that can rub off these bastards very existence in this world. Like ‘poof’ – them assholes will never bother you ever again. You won’t ever have to get a earful of their crap talk and never have to stifle a yawn when they drone on & on.

Their sole purpose in life is to make others miserable and also interfere in everything that you do. These type of people are what I call an oxymoron – they are oxes as well as morons. There are these few people in the work area mostly who I cannot stand, hypocrites and bastards to the core. They are so pompous, arrogant and full of bullshit! Malicious in their intent and their overall attitude. Fuck them!

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