If I Could Star In Any TV Commercial

There are so few things that I would like to represent in a commercial ad for n tv. I really believe in and always use Old Spice shaving cream and after shave lotion. I love that stuff, especially their fresh lime fragrance once – it really makes shaving in the morning a fresh invigorating experience. I also love Gillette shaving razors & blades but because they are more expensive than the local stuff, I rarely use their products. I would like to endorse them though; then I would get a lot of their stuff for free.

I would be so cool in their ads – at this point of my life I get my 5 o’clock stubble at around 12 pm if I shave at say around 9am! So I would always have stubble for them to shoot an add. Plus I look really haggard if I do not shave for a couple of days and I look pretty cute when I am clean shaven. So that would be cool for a before & after shaving look in the ad. Throw some busty babes in the ad who want to drape themselves on me after the shave and caress my face over & over. What a great commercial!

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2 thoughts on “If I Could Star In Any TV Commercial

  1. I’ve been using it since I first started shaving at the age of 14! I am 35 now. Ofcourse at 14 I only had to shave once a couple of days or so.

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