If I Could Take Any Class for Free

I would take a class to learn French. Back in 2002 I almost bought a book, which also had two cds to help along with the process, to help me learn the language on my own but yeah I never bought it.

I’ve always thought of French as the most beautiful language of all. Some languages are cool & nice while others are inherently harsh and sound like you are vomiting while you speak the words. French isn’t like that. It is a smooth sounding, sexiest language ever. You could say that you are going to take a big shit in the toilet and it would still sound cool.

It’s a language that I would enjoy learning and heck anyone looks & sounds cool speaking French. I’ve learnt a few words & how they are pronounced over the years but not enough to start a conversation with a French speaker. So if I do get the chance mon ami, French is what I would like to take.

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3 thoughts on “If I Could Take Any Class for Free

  1. Yes it is a sexy language and don’t worry all you need is a little patience and soon you will be able to speak it fluently.

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