If I Had A Magic Wand

There is a song called Presto off Rush’s 1989 album of the same title. It’s a gentle rocker about the positive things that one would do if he had a magic wand that he could wave – I’d make everything alright; I’d set everybody free! That’s an idealistic way of looking at things. And a very positive way of trying to live life and wishing the best for our earth and our fellow human beings. Wondering of all the good that I could do, or you could do, if we really had a very powerful magic wand that obeys our every command and can do anything that we wish with just a wave of it; think of the possibilities!

What would I do? I’d get rid of all the useless pests like mosquitoes, cockroaches, sewer rats and spiders. I’d clean all the drainage & gutters and make the roads clean and safe. I’d get houses built in an instant wave for all the homeless and for those who have poor housing. I’d get 3 full meals, and snacks for the evening tea as well, and plenty of safe drinking water and beverages for everyone. Every ailment, injury, missing limb and disability will be fixed within the time that it takes to say “heal the world”. No more pollution, no more accidents, no early deaths and no harm done to anyone. There would be no violence, no need to kill, rape, maim, loot or hurt anyone. Everyone has safe means of transportation, health care, education, entertainment and no one needs to feel left out.

Money is no longer an objective for living, working & studying is to better oneself and for making progress. Clean air, clean water, safe streets, no hunger, no pain, no thirst, no hurt. And most of all, no religion, no wars, no animosity and no bullshit! Enjoy life in peace and really live. I realize that I am a dreamer and perhaps not too grounded to reality but that is what I would wish for. Oh and space exploration – you have to give me my Star Trek dream!

If I could wave my magic wand!

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