If I Had My Own Restaurant

Ohhh, I wish I could own a nice, trendy, huge restaurant that people will just love and want to come and be served wonderful food over and over again. I love the feeling of a sexy restaurant where people want to be seen but I don’t like food that takes too much time to be prepared and to be made in oh-so-certain ways and is served in small portions on plates that look like diapers and…pretentious food, you know. Food that makes you feel as if you are not god enough to eat it or something.

I like the feel of clubs and so I would like to recreate unemployed bad credit loan that kind of a feeling. I’d want big open, airy look to the place, with plenty of space between tables so those of you who come in with your friends or family can talk without the fear that the people in the next table will hear you. You wanna have some fun, gossip, talk dirty jokes if you want to and enjoy your food and drinks while you do that, so there should be enough space. Big tables that seat atleast 6 people and some large tables so that a bigger group of people can dine on it. Heck let me throw in some private and semi-private rooms so you can have parties over there. So 3 large floors and a roof-top deck as well.

Now the food – from appetizers/hor’dourves, garlic bread and stuff, everything will be finger licking good. I’d serve Chinese, American, French, Japanese, Indian (ofcourse), Thai, German, Arabian – you name, I’ll have it. Great food that my many chefs who specialize in the style of food will cook up for you. Burgers, pasta, fried rice, pizzas, tandoori, grilled, tikka style, spicy curries, sushi – everything. You won’t want to leave. In fact you will eat so much and you will be stuff, so I better keep plenty of toilets in the place. And then you come back, refreshed and eat some more!

Now for drinks – wine, some vodka, rum, brandy, whiskey, beer! Cocktails that will amaze you and for those who don’t drink alcohol, juices and stuff. Soft drinks if you so please. Pairings will be suggested for each dish that you order. We will have live music on certain days. And then finally desert – from various cakes & pastries to ice cream specialties that we create right at the restaurant. This is the place that you wanna be and that you wanna eat & drink at. Come again and bring your friends.

I don’t think that the name is that important but at the top of my head I’d go with Castle Roshan. Enjoy!

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