If I Had Only 10 More Years to Live

Well the way things are going at the moment 10 more years of life seems a whole lot of misery and strife to me. 10 more years? More struggles and scraping by just to get through. I don’t know if I can take it. Why not make it 10 days and I’d be fine? Let someone more worthy & capable take up my space of existence on this earth.

But if I knew for certain that I had only 10 more yeas to live, as deary & miserable as that sounds now, I’d do all the things that I’ve wanted to do but just never got to doing. I’d want to travel to places that I’ve wanted to visit so badly but never have. Heck, even revisit the places that I have been too and liked and wouldn’t mind visiting once again. Eat all the food & drink all the drinks that I would want to but never have.

I’ll try and see all of my favourite rock bands live in concert, get their autographs and hopefully even get to sing on stage once again (the only time I was on a real stage singing my heart out was exhilarating and I’d want to experience that again). I’d want to see English Premier League matches live from the actual stadiums and NHL matches at the rink. Maybe even attend a WWE special at MSG. Attend a world cup or two in the hosting country. Act in a movie – any part; I’ll be the guy that’s the friend of the friend of the friend of the main actor! Stand on Antartica and sail the oceans. Go to every beautiful spot on this planet if I could.

10 years? Well it seems like a lot to me.

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One thought on “If I Had Only 10 More Years to Live

  1. Oh dear, don’t like the sound of the start of your post! We all have tough times, hopefully they help us appreciate the good times, even though there are usually less of those.. {hugs}

    Anyway, you’d have a busy 10 years given the opportunity

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